Hydrotherapy at Home, Part 2

One of the most powerful natural treatments to help with general well-being, relaxation, immune system support, pain, as well as several other conditions is Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is the intelligent application of water onto the body to alleviate medical problems.

Here are some examples:

1. Injuries – When there’s an injury the application of ice alleviates pain and swelling. Ice packs can be wrapped in a wet cloth and applied as a cold compress for about 20 minutes at a time as often as hourly if needed. A contrast shower, where hot and cold is cycled 3 to 5 times, significantly helps post-exercise delayed onset muscle soreness.

2. Infection – When there’s an infection, the use of water to apply heat can alleviate pain and accelerate the efficiency of the immune system. A hot water bottle can be wrapped in a wet cloth and applied to a local skin infection. The use of a hot bath, a foot bath, as well as a steam bath can stimulate the immune system by increasing the core body temperature. Contrasting longer hot and short cold in the shower exercises the immune system and improves performance when an infection arrives. Saunas and hot steam rooms are proven to prevent upper respiratory infections.

3. Circulatory problems – When there is high blood pressure, a hot shower or a hot bath, dilates blood vessels and lowers the pressure. Circulation improves in the arteries in the extremities when immersed in warm water, which has a healing effect on wounds and skin. General circulation is improved in a warm bath. A hot bath has a diuretic effect. The above effects would be expected to improve heart function.

4. Mental Health – Warm water immersion and showers are widely used for relaxation and can alleviate anxiety. Warm water immersion has been shown to improve stress, tension/anxiety, anger/hostility, and depression. Both a cold shower and a contrast shower stimulate neurotransmitter release and has been hypothesized to lessen depression.

May your health prosper,

Dr. Greg Steinke


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